Chocolate Resources

Finding the Really Good Stuff

A great source for fabulous chocolate from around the world. If you live in a warm climate, be aware that they limit shipping from May until October due to melting risk.

These are some of my favorites carried by World Wide Chocolate:



El Rey

Green & Black's Organic



Scharffen Berger


Valrhona – Chef's Page

Whole Foods Market

So, you’ve got the bug and there’s no time to order online. Head for your local Whole Foods. My local store carries many of the above brands.
You have to search in several different places in the store to find all your choices. Look in the chocolate bars section for the Dagoba, Green &
Black and Scharffen Berger bars. Callebaut, El Rey Scharffen Berger
and Valrhona cooking blocks can be found near the deli and wine section.
And finally, Guittard and Schokinag, along with various cocoa powders
can be found in the baking section. All in all, running around the store is
a good way to burn off some of those extra chocolate calories!

Marie Belle

Not only are the Marie Belle hot chocolates delicious, but the tins are a treat for your eyes (you'll want to leave them out on your counters to show off your style). These are powdered cacao in a can, but they've been researched and perfected. The Aztect Hot Chocolate and the Spicey Hot Chocolate are especially devine. For a real treat when you're in New York City, stop by the cacao bar in one of their two retail stores and have them prepare a hot drink for you. The added perk is while you're there, you'll be offered free samples of the boxed solid chocolates. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...

More to come...

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